"Whatever is happening will change, and what I add to this situation is part of that change.",
Sylvia Boorstein

Not without challenge, embracing change with energy and enthusiasm ensures life is varied and interesting both at home and at work.

Registered with The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy and The Time Line Therapy™ Association, Performance Coaching is a natural choice to follow. It draws from expertise across business, education, food and nutrition and embraces proficiency in working with children, adolescents and adults.

Teacher Training opened the pathway to my sense of purpose and with this, deep understanding of teaching and coaching in multi-cultural environments. Experience reaches across Primary, Secondary and Adult Education and includes The Oslo International School, The Children’s House of Stavanger, The International School of Stavanger, l'Ermitage International School of France, and The British School of Paris.

I am a fully qualified and experienced swimming instructor, practitioner of Reiki and teacher of Mindfulness.

My career began as a Home Economist gaining a coveted college placement at Family Circle Magazine where I developed experience in writing food articles, developing and testing recipes. Ensuing positions built upon this and lead me to the world of business and commerce with Fortnum & Mason of London, General Foods and Kraft Foods. Flexibility created working hours that accommodated raising our children; an irreplaceable time I feel privileged to have experienced where now they are grown and forging their own lives.

I live with my husband in the Paris area where we remain a source of council for our grown-up children. As an expatriate, travel is a natural pastime and continues to be an inspiration for photography, food and cooking. City life and country walks keep me active, yoga for relaxation and balance.