My Favourite Ingredients

My Favourite Ingredients

In a seemingly endless sea of mediocre cookery books it is always uplifting to discover an exception. Newly published, My Favourite Ingredients is a tribute to both seasonal elegance and author, Australian born Skye Gyngell, Head Chef at the prestigious Petersham Nursery Café in Richmond, Surrey.

Ms. Gyngell has, in her own words, evolved a style of cooking which is simpler and more produce inspired – she has resisted combining too many flavours, allowing the produce to taste even more of itself and the season to which it belongs. This natural simplicity emerges in many great chefs as their personal, unique style develops, allowing their produce to steal the limelight.

Reinforcing exemplary standards, the writing in My Favourite Ingredients displays a knowledgeable eye for detail together with a sensual passion for combining textures and flavours: think salty fresh sea clams swathed in summery flavours of garlic, tomatoes and fino sherry finely balanced by the earthy tones of rose flecked barlotti beans; think of simple aromatic, succulent poussins served with flatbread and thick garlicky yoghurt; think oozing rich chocolate mousse counterbalanced by a sucré-sel salty caramel; think …… the list is seemingly without end with dozens of carefully developed and simply written recipes which are easy to follow. You must forgive yourself if you happen to drift into imagining the voice of Skye at you side, nurturing you along as you cook.

photograph by David Loftus

Divided into 16 sections, the book covers a selection of key and seasonal ingredients which Skye and her team coax into their daily changing menu, relying on their skills and inspiration to produce mouth-watering meals from what is available and of uppermost quality: staple foods such as fish, cheese, nuts, grains and pulses together with favourites such as asparagus, cherries, tomatoes and game are caressed together by flavour essences of vinegar, oil, garlic and honey. Your choice of recipe then becomes an inordinately simple process.

This book is a must-have for my book shelf and I would urge that if you are able to choose just one book to buy, then My Favourite Ingredients may just be that book. You will not be disappointed. Written specifically for the home cook, you will be inspired with your cooking in harmony with the rhythm of the four seasons.

photograph by Phillip Hollis

Courtesy of Skye Gyngell, Quadrille publishing and Petersham Nurseries I am delighted to present a selection of recipes from My Favourite Ingredients which have been chosen and tested in the kitchen of Recipes2Share, especially for you.

Food photography by Jason Lowe

My Favourite Ingredients by Skye Gyngell, published by Quadrille