Kapihan - a Celebration of Coffee in the Philippines

The harmonious words of Noel Sy-Quia combined with the dazzling photography of Neal Oshima take us on a magical journey through the tropical Philippine Isles. Their story is an adventure of discovery and learning, beginning with a cup of coffee in the lobby of the Manila Hotel.

Coffee has become so embedded in our daily lives that it hardly stands out on its own. People rarely remember coffee as a single event, but as a long-standing personal habit or group tradition. In researching material for this book, we found that coffee emerged as a regular activity conducted over lengths of time, associated with a phase or chapter in one’s life. UP alumni recall drinking coffee in the Basement Cafeteria. Childhood memories are framed by regular family gatherings around the coffee pot. That coffee shop in the corner is where colleagues used to go for a break. {quotes}Coffee is an accessory activity, the base guitar in the band. It is the exceptions that make coffee memorable on its own.” {/quotes}Kapihan 2007

Sy-Quia and Oshima are our guides, illustrating the impact and importance of coffee to the Philippines. We eavesdrop on stories, memories, and milestones all entwineid by this beverage; it's cultivation, production, rituals and consumption. Though true, it is hard to imagine both the happiness of an engagement and the sadness of death linked by this commodity.

We celebrate Nescafé and the central role it plays within the economy and daily lives of the Philippino people and the message of Nandu Nandkishore, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines is succinctly illustrated by a solitary photograph - a market coffee shop, Iloilo City, with dozens of personal coffee mugs lining its shelves, awaiting their regular customers. Coffee is a way of life.

Blackened FishOur voyage takes us to the plantation fields where we examine the coffee plants, nurtured to maturity, with beautifully photographed leaves, flowers, and berries; along the way appreciating both the history and production of our much loved drink, coffee. Kapihan truly is a remarkable story in which we can almost experience the aroma and flavours rising from its pages.

Kapihan breaks no rules, a book about food is incomplete without recipes but, here you will find the unexpected- a lotion, body scrub, soap and fabric dye alongside a contemporary collection of recipes which were created exclusively for Kapihan by Chefs Gene Cordova and Jam Mendoza. They are proof of Cordova’s training at Le Cordon Bleu and Ecole de Ritz, as well as a demonstrative love of Philippine cooking.

Coffee Truffle

To whet your appetite, click on the links below to sample recipes, especially selected for recipes2share.com

Kapihan is an absolute must for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers everywhere.

GBP 30.00

160 pages with 141 colour photographs and a special dust cover jacket.