'Under The Hat' by Andra Lapis

This captivating young lady sits on a bench at the doorway to the Hungarian Institute at 92, rue Bonaparte, the Left bank not far from the Jardin du Luxenbourg and just a few doors away from Pierre Herme’s sinful pâtisserie in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Barefoot and pensive; her gaze tilts towards the pavement, chin resting in her hands, dressed in a summer dress and shaded by a large, floppy hat. Is that a flicker of a smile across her lips or is she trying to regain composure, bolster her spirit before taking a deep breath, releasing it with a sigh and ambling away…? ‘Kalap Alatt’, translates to ‘Under The Hat’ and was cast in 1992 by Hungarian sculptor Andra Lapis, copied from a (1975) sculpture that resides in Szeged, Hungry. I wonder what puzzle she will spend eternity trying to solve…?