Marc Goldstain, Artist, Teacher & Performer

Lunch with friends followed by tea at an exquisite Salon de Thé then not one but two art exhibitions; what a very lovely day yesterday was. Fortunate to be invited to The Bridge by good friend and co-curator, Lilianne Milgrom I admired many pieces including ‘A Kiss’, the work of Marc Goldstain who, as fortune would present, had a ‘vernissage’ just a few streets away and to where Lilianne was headed. The Bridge is an exhibition where art is used as a medium to “enhance understanding, bring about respect, enable sharing and deepen friendship between those of different faiths and cultures,” and 'A Kiss' is Marc’s interpretation of this. The simplicity of a kiss, something that is easily taken for granted, is used symbolically as a bridge between two people where the feeling of love transcends both time and difference.

“Born in 1969 , Marc Goldstain,as far as he can remember, has always drawn. Starting from a very young age at the classroom tables in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses where he grew up, and then supervised by his teachers at the famous Ecole Supèrieure d’Arts Appliqués "Duperré" in Paris.

His earlier subjects in 1992, included street scenes of Paris and its suburbs painted from life. After a phase of experimentation with abstraction he returned to painting "realistic" cityscapes. "Ce sont les pommes qui ont changé" was the first exhibition that marked this new approach. Held in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2001 and curated by Hector Obalk, it gave birth to the French school of contemporary urban landscape together with Philippe Cognée and François Boisrond.

Marc Goldstain has exhibited his work in Paris, Brazil and New York. In 2004 he was awarded the Pierre Auguste Renoir prize, affording him the opportunity to work in the Renoir workshop in Essoyes. Major works include his monumental painting for the City of Paris, which can be seen at 399, rue de Vaugirard and a commissioned wall mural in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He also paints large-scale portraits of actors during public performances, such as Philippe Caubère’s performance during the "Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013" event.

After obtaining his Masters in Perceptual Psychology, Goldstain has been teaching a "performative" approach to painting based on bodily perceptions, gesture and ‘sensitive meditation’ as taught by by Professor D. Bois.”

Marcs’ exhibition at the Centre d’Art et de Culture was predominantly cityscape where I found myself drawn to each and every painting; truly realistic but not photographic and where it was possible to imagine stepping right into and become part of the image. Examine light and perspective…

Drawn to ‘Lumières sous l’Opera’, Liliannes observations were enlightening, describing how colour brings life and beauty to the mundane, unattractive barriers of a metro station though not forgetting the detail above the turnstiles, a place that I have passed through on many occasions yet never peered upwards and noticed.

However, it was Marc Goldstains’ 20 minute ‘performance’ that was the highlight of the evening: a large-scale portrait focusing on expression and emotion. With a Masters in Perceptual Psychology, Marc teaches a ‘performative’ approach to painting that’s based on bodily perceptions, gestures and ‘sensitive meditation’ as taught by professor D. Bois; his work mesmerised his audience…