Often referred to as Japanese mushrooms, enokitake are popular component of Japanese one-pot dishes. They have a mild flavour and their texture is a little crisper than more usual species of mushroom so can be added to salads which also shows off their long, graceful limbs.

I was enticed to buying these with the thought of photographing them – their creamy colour and willowy appearance would be fun to experiment then afterwards to decide what to prepare with them.

Luckily, over the last few weeks I have been cooking my way through Bill Granger’s Everyday Asian cookbook and, keeping a handful aside to add to a salad, threw them at last minute into stir-fried vegetables. The book, by the way, is well worth buying. The recipes are straightforward and call for no more than a few basic Asian store cupboard ingredients – ginger, sesame seeds and oil, mirin, rice vinegar and soy sauce.