I’m not a natural gardener but, I do enjoy growing herbs to use in the kitchen and perhaps, I may even try nurturing salad leaves this coming summer. Our garden is jam-packed with trees and shrubs so the only real option for successful growing is to build a raised bed. A lot of work so for now, the herbs thrive in a variety of terracotta pots. I am impatient for the tender new bay leaves to appear on the tree and though the mint is rather ragged, recent warm days have coaxed it back into life though I’ve just added a fragrant lemon-balm to offer a boost.

Like most folk, I have to rely on buying fresh herbs from the market which also means trying to prolong their storage life – It is very frustrating when a recipe calls for a twig of this or a pinch of that and suddenly there’s tons of waste. Bunches of cut herbs look fabulous displayed in jugs on a counter top but, sadly they wilt and die so very quickly; I have since tried a (pricey) humidor but, that was always too small to fit in the bunch so it now lies, unloved at the back of a cupboard.

By far, the easiest, cheapest and most successful way that I have found to store herbs is popped into a sealable plastic box that is kept in the fridge.

Celery is a tricky vegetable to store and even in the fridge its branches quickly limp: The solution is to wrap it in aluminium foil and store in the fridge where it remains crisp for days…