Native to the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia, these tiny red berries have been used for thousands of years in the Far East, both as a food and as a medicine to cure various ailments. With celebrity status there are a plethora of bold health claims attributed to goji berries but there is little reliable evidence to confirm. They are however, a nutritional powerhouse containing all essential amino acids, vitamins B & C, trace minerals and antioxidants, so whilst they are a great addition to the diet, like many other ‘superfoods’ they are costly at around €50 per kilo. Normally found dried, their flavour is delicate, a strawberry-raspberry cross, making a delicious addition to muesli or granola, sprinkle a fistful over oatmeal or soak to blend into smoothies. A warning note: speak with a doctor before combining with warfarin or medication for diabetes and blood pressure.