Rays of forgotten but delicious sunshine streaming through the window and a slab of pecorino shouting from the fridge turned my thoughts to the light, leafy lunches of Italy. I simply adore the simplicity of Italian salads with fresh ingredients lightly misted in balsamic vinegar and oil.

The pecorino was a gift generous from Italian friends and whilst I have delighted in nibbling stolen salty slivers each time I pass the fridge, I decided to experiment in replicating a salad from my distant memories of last years Italian summer holiday in the stunning seafront town of Lerici.

Being restrained to spoils of the fridge isn’t a problem as emphasis must be placed on flavour and quality rather than quantity. Mixing together handfuls of leafy rocket and soft salad leaves became my base to the dish. To this I simply added finely sliced rings of sweet yellow onion then scattered over with slightly sour, ruby red pomegranate seeds. These seeds were a perfect juicy ontrast to the crowning glory of a flutter of salty pecorino.

The dressing could not have been simpler – a dew of balsamic vinegar (using a convenient spray bottle) with dribbles of fruity olive oil and a tiny sprinkle of sea salt. All that remained to find was a hunk of fresh bread and a sunny spot to dine.