Whether you enjoy or detest them, Brussels Sprouts are synonymous with this holiday season. Thankfully, I belong to the former camp though surprising, raised on pre-frozen, watery offerings which were subsequently boiled to death (sorry mum!). However, don't reserve this vegetable merely to the Christmas table: Skye Gyngell's My Favourite Ingredients has a deliciously light salad using raw, finely shredded sprouts as its principal ingredient. Experiment yourself, teaming them with traditional chestnuts and bacon or try fresh, clean flavours such as fennel, bay or lemon.

Brussels Sprouts are versatile. They may be braised, steamed, boiled or stir-fried but, on no account must they be over-cooked, retaining a slight crunch to bite.

Teamed with rich browned butter, tangy citrus and slightly sweet cardamom, this delightful recipe may even go a little way to converting the most ardent sprout hater:

Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter, Lemon and Cardamom

Trim the stalk of each sprout, removing the outer couple of leaves then rinse in cold water. Steam over a pan of simmering water for 8 minutes. Remove and plunge into ice cold water which stops the cooking process and retains a bright colour. Drain and reserve until ready for serving.

Over a low heat, melt a generous knob of butter in a large frying pan or wok along with 3 or 4 green cardamom and the zest of a lemon. Allow the butter to gently sizzle and turn a light nutty brown colour. Add the sprouts and stir-fry for about 10 minutes or until heated through and the outer leaves are just beginning to brown and serve immediately.