It can fall apart for anyone but this isn’t a problem at all, what matters are how the dishes are rescued, hopefully without any waste either…

Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook, ‘Plenty’ is stuffed full of delicious treats and one which immediately caught my eye was Caramelized Garlic Tart. Its introduction saying,

I think it’s the most delicious recipe in the world,

Quote taken from Plenty

was sufficient – this tart simply had to be prepared for supper.

The most fiddly part was the garlic of which 3 bulbs were separated into cloves and peeled; this took a while but relaxed, engrossed in watching The Barefoot Contessa I didn’t think this a terribly onerous part of the day. Once squeakily naked (fortunately referring to garlic and not myself) it was blanched for 3 minutes prior to a sticky simmer in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs and a touch of sugar.

Sweetly aromatic, the garlic is prepared and the rest is simple – read-to-roll puff pastry, hard and soft goat’s cheese, eggs, cream and seasoning.

But, this was where it all went wrong – and don’t we know that’s going to happen too…?

It’s fundamental that rolled pastry needs to relax – especially newly defrosted puff…. But, I didn’t…. I simply ploughed on to roll, line then blind bake the pastry in a quiche dish. The pastry, of course shrank leaving it impossible to contain a wet tart filling.

The immediate and obvious thought was to start again and prepare buttery, crisp shortcrust but no… plough on, save on waste, tweaking into a Caramelized Garlic Slice: a mixed handful of rocket and baby spinach and garlic topped with scattered clumps of creamy goat’s cheese and shavings of salty parmesan, baking until golden.

We ate a delicious supper….