Following a recent visit to Heratchin Freres, there was only the tiniest morsel of Feta leftovers in the fridge, the huge block being lavishly crumbled into a variety of salads and was so delicious, thickly sliced together with tomatoes and fresh baguette. I don’t want to waste a single crumb and luckily there is just sufficient to prepare to accompany a longed for aperitif… Feta bursts with salty deliciousness and it would be perfectly respectable to serve it just as it is but, I have added a new weapon to my armory – earthy-woody-fragrant porchini infused oil; this is a perfect balance to the robust, slight sourness of the cheese.

It is worth a reminder that an aperitif is to stimulate the appetite and is not a meal in itself so slice the feta into tiny cubes using a very sharp knife; these cubes are going to tingle taste buds before melting on the tongue.

Sprinkle with a little lemon zest, unwaxed if possible, a scatter of fennel seeds and a crumble of red peppercorns before drizzling with oil. Leave aside for an hour or so to allow the flavours to mingle; serve at room temperature.