Educational Coaching

The gateway to independent learning.

Our current learning environment relies on classroom note taking, memorizing facts and reading texts. As students pass through the school system they are required to develop an increasing range of study skills and to work more independently. They are encouraged to take responsibility of their own studies, identify strengths and be able to support weaknesses. Teachers expect students to be self-motivated, responsible managers; an enormous leap in maturity.

Some students are able to apply themselves to this and flourish. Many don’t. A struggle emerges and it is easy for the student to feel overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the syllabus and, there is more: Parents expect this transition to be an automatic and natural process.

Drawing on combined teaching and coaching expertise, I open a pathway for the development of self-awareness and self-responsibility and examine how this determines outcome. Programs are tailored to each student. We work together to challenge anxieties and frustrations then how to overcome personal and academic obstacles before moving to address organization, the implementation of factual knowledge, and achievement.

Together, we evaluate and discuss leaning preferences and current progress. Academic focus is around skills such as planning, memory, note taking, reading & comprehension techniques, presentation techniques, and exam preparation. The student is coached to analyze strengths and weaknesses and to develop their unique plan of action. Together, we monitor goals to ensure the agreed plan is effective; self aware and self responsible.

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