"Fiona has a real gift for Reiki. I entered feeling stressed and tired and left an hour later feeling utterly relaxed and spent the rest of the evening floating on air. Fiona creates an enabling environment that allows this relaxation to happen. I was also struck by the heat transfer that takes place from having hands gently resting on limbs and the peace this creates. I'd highly recommend Fiona and will be back."


"Fiona has been able to review my food and drink intake and find small and yet significant ways to improve both. A few minor changes have made enormous differences to my personal health. In addition to the nutrition advice Fiona was able to identify some lifestyle changes, encourage me to take the small steps and reap the rewards of improved mood, social involvement and the motivation to look for new employment enthusiastically.
The time I spent working directly with Fiona and with my nutrition and activities has helped me to feel more confident and be healthier. I aim to build on these improvements by continuing to follow her advice. The smallest steps are sometimes hard to take, especially when it is personal. Fiona provided the knowledge and support that I needed to see what I could do and then take those steps myself."


"I met Fiona when I was at a crossroads in my life. Both boys were at University and a husband who sometimes travels. Fiona was very thorough in everything she did. The screening and questionnaires were easy to complete but at the same detailed and thorough. Fiona made it easy to make small changes, which would make a big impact. This included changes to improve my nutrition and life style. Everything was agreed and discussed and made clear, and those small steps will become bigger steps. All of this took place in a friendly and calm atmosphere."