Indigenous to Central America, the flamboyant Pitaya is the abundant fruit of the cactus plant Hylocereus Undatus that fruits 4 to 6 per year. Pitaya is its Spanish name that is spelled in a variety of ways though in English, this fruit has been known as Strawberry Pear but in more recent times is descriptively called Dragon Fruit. High in vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants, colours vary between pretty hot-pink-crimson to peach or yellow; choose a fruit with a bright, even coloured skin that gives a little under pressure but is not too soft. The inner flesh is white, studded with numerous tiny black seeds and refreshingly juicy-crisp with a sweet floral flavour somewhere between a kiwi and pear.

Preparation is simple. Slice through the middle (long side) and separate into two pieces before scooping out the flesh by running the edge of the spoon between the flesh and inedible skin before scooping away. Simply, the fruit can be cubed, replaced into its pretty Faberge-esque shell then sprinkled with a fruity liqueur such as Grand Marnier or used as an exotic addition to any mixed soft-fruit salad.