Jicama, pronounced "HEE-kah-ma", is an edible tuberous root of the bean family, grown in Central and Southern America, South East Asia and the Caribbean, also known as a Mexican yam or turnip. Remove its cappuccino coloured skin using a vegetable peeler (a serrated peeler works well) to reveal its refreshing, crisp ice-white flesh. With a neutral flavour, when it’s finely sliced and lime dowsed, Jicama is a healthy option to serve with dips or to add texture to salads and slaw. Cube, stick or sliver; add to watermelon, red onion and feta salad; spinach & avocado; apple slaw or a sweet strawberry & mango mélange. Alternatively, Jicama may be roast or spiraled; sprinkle with oil, onion powder and cayenne pepper and oven baked as a light alternative to potato.