Aronia berries, also known as chokeberry, are native to eastern North America where they grow in damp woodlands and swamps. Though they look similar to blackcurrants, their unique astringent, sourish flavour lends them to both sweet and savoury dishes. Raw, they can be added to baked goods such as pies and cookies, drinks, spreads, salsas, salads and a juicy garnish to roast meat. But, only able to find them dried, I use in the same way as raisins or dried cranberries and thoroughly recommend scattering a handful over muesli or granola. A healthy, low calorie option at around 47kcal per 100g of fresh berries, aronia have antioxidant properties where regular consumption provides potential health benefits that including protection against inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections. Aronia berries are a great snack, the popular theory is to enjoy a handful over the course of the day, a little and often, to get the best health benefits.