The antidote to busy living.

No time? Pushing yourself too hard? Constantly moving around, rushed meals, poor sleep and feel there is never sufficient time in the day? Feeling stressed? Anxious? Low energy? Reduced vitality?

Stress upsets the whole nervous system by triggering the ‘fight or flight’ reaction; your body is on alert. Adrenal glands release adrenalin, a hormone that affects every cell, tissue and organ. Indiscriminate of source, your body reacts regardless whether it is physical or psychological stress. Constant elevated stress is linked to internal inflammation, immune resistance, illness and chronic diseases; management of this is vital to health and enjoyment.

Choose the alternative . . . Reiki.

Reiki is a treatment that is performed fully clothed. Think massage without the deep manipulation and something that doesn’t require anything of you besides connecting to your inner peace and joy. Simply relax and allow yourself to be lead to a state of deep relaxation where stress melts and floats away, energy is balanced and harmony restored.

Reducing stress calms the nervous system so supports the immune system that offers improvements in health and quality of life. Either as an integral component of stress management or a stand-alone treatment, the benefits of Reiki are way more than a luxurious treat. De-stress. Relax. Today.

70-minute treatment that includes guided relaxation €65
30-minute treatment €35