Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

Emotional and eating. The topic of many discussions and the two are intwined - tried eating an ice-cream without your inner child's smile? Social gathering s and family meals; food brings people together, it brings pleasure and is there to be enjoyed. But sometimes things don't go quite to plan and 'emotional eating' can wreck lives - pressure, anxiety, control, weight gain, weight loss... It can feel overwhelming. Is now the time for you to step forward and enjoy tomorrow, the next day and every day afterwards...? 

  • Gain clarity on the conflicting advice that is constantly churned out.
  • End niggling ill health symptoms and run at full throttle instead.
  • Improve energy levels and say goodbye to a constant need for caffeine and sugary snacks.
  • Improve the condition of skin, hair and nails.
  • Understand why you feel moody, snappy, easily irritated, emotional and tearful. 
  • Shift the bulge around your tummy and hips.
  • End yo-yo dieting.
  • Improve digestion and IBS symptoms.
  • Banish PMS symptoms, mood swings and food cravings.
  • Improve general health and wellness.
  • Want an assortment of all the above?


Will power alone, however steely, isn't sufficient. Gently, we work together we find the root causes of your symptoms and develop a personalized plan to reach achievable health and wellness goals. 

How is this different?

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Mentor and Teacher, I work to equip you with the necessary skills to enable you to make informed decisions in order to effectively manage yourself. Together, we sift through conflicting nutritional information to understand what healthful eating really means; trends; accurately reading labels; toxins; the value of supplements; choosing and using ingredients; meal planning. Steps To Success provides tasty, colourful recipes that are tailored to you but are easily adapted to family mealtimes too. Inclusive. A wide variety of delicious, tempting foods that you want to eat.

I focus on what you want; your vision, your success.

Dietary shifts are often minor but significant. Lifestyle shifts are often minor but significant.

Together, we examine root causes. Thinking, feelings, actions. What you think determines how you feel and shapes behaviour. Addressing why you choose what you choose and why you do what you do is key.

You will receive a 3-day food diary and questionnaire to complete on lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and current health concerns; this is returned prior to your consultation to allow time for analysis.

The initial consultation builds on the information you have supplied. This is used to identify underlying issues including nutrient deficiencies and current obstacles to success. We develop an overview of your health journey and you identify health goals to work towards. The result is your own and unique Steps-To-Success that accounts for budget, time constraints and cooking skills. 

You will receive a recommendations pack summarizing what we discussed and guidance on how to implement Steps-To-Success. Meal planning with modern, colourful recipes.  I’ll follow up with an e-mail to answer questions and to provide further assistance.

Perhaps surprising, but minor changes do make a marked difference. Often, the path to change can be achieved in just two or three follow-up consultations during which,  progress and the effectiveness of your actions are assessed. Steps-To-Success is fluid and evolves with you. Steps-To-Success can last a lifetime. Ready?

Knowledge and skills. Manage your own life in your own way. Now.